BACE device is the only surgical device in development that:

  • Addresses the root cause of Functional Mitral Regurgitation (FMR) by better coaptation of the mitral valve leaflets while simultaneously proving ventricular support
  • Has implant experience in over 60 patients, with the first patient having successfully completed 10 years post-implant

Benefits of BACE

  • Since the BACE device sits outside of the heart at its base, without any contact with blood:
    • BACE device can be implanted on a beating heart
    • No need for Open Heart Surgery
    • No need for Heart-Lung Bypass machine
    • No need for anti-coagulants long term
  • The device can be easily adjusted post-operatively, if necessary, in an outpatient setting without any additional surgery
  • The device can be removed long after implantation and does not preclude further valvular intervention if required
  • Can be performed concomitantly with CABG
  • Other cardiac procedures can be performed post BACE implantation